The Unstrut Valley Bridge, the Longest Semi-integral Valley Bridge of the DB AG Impresses by Its Size as well as by Its Sleek Design


The structure of the Unstruttal bridge consists of four 10-span girders with a length of 580 m, each which are connected frame-like with the pillars and the arch. In the middle of the system each continuous girder beam is merged with a reinforced concrete arch (span 108 m). The continuous girder beams are designed to carry the braking and acceleration forces. In the periphery the building is complemented by three-span girders which are embedded non-relocatable horizontally at the abutments. The normal span is 58 m.

Pier Construction

The 41 piers necessary for the building were designed as sleek pier walls which will effectively brace the track beam in the transverse direction but at the same time show a sufficient flexibility lengthwise of the bridge to withstand constraint deformations. An exception are the so-called dividing piers (two 0,60 sleek and 26 m high reinforced concrete walls) which support the continuous girder beams at their ends. Separated by the construction joint of 0,40 m these walls carry the constraint deformations of the superstructure resulting from temperature, creeping and shrinkage as well as from the prestressing.

13,00 m
50,00 m
2.668,00 m

New stretch of track Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle Track 5919 km 246,0 to 248,7 nearby Wetzendorf

Semi integral bridge over a valley

Overall length:
2.668,0 m

Biggest span:
108 m

Biggest span superstructure:
58 m

Activities Marx Krontal:
Engineering, conception, permission and public tender (2006 – 2007 at/for DB ProjektBau GmbH)

„Innovative large-scaled bridges in high-speed railway traffic shown by the new stretch of track Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle”, Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 104 (2009), Heft 11

Honored with the Innovationspreis der DB ProjektBau GmbH 2010