A Clear Structure Visualizes the Structural Behavior

A Typical Design Task

In the course of the bypass of the German federal road B1 nearby Vechelde a railway bridge had to be built. The bridge transfers the 4 tracked railway line Hannover – Braunschweig which is heavily frequented by passenger service and freight traffic.

The challenge was to develop a design with a minimal construction height and an approved applied building technology taking into account complicated boundary conditions railway operations present. For the closure of the track only two weekends consisting of 56 hours each have been designated. Within this period of time all works for the assembly of a part of the building including all associated works had to be carried out. Furthermore it was assumed that there could be ground water in the building pit.

A Special Solution for the Location

The construction was built as an open reinforced concrete frame with inclined piers. The statically convenient function of a multiple span girder is combined with a good load bearing capacity of the frame. The construction principle allows an optimized construction height for the inner span. The costly rise of the tracks of the following rail station Vechelde has been avoided. The inclined piers have been designed as circular reinforced concrete columns as prefabricated components in C55/65 and are characterized by high sleekness.

The abutments and foundations are relocated and submerged by the embankment. The road space appears wide because of the relaxed design and is accentuated pointedly by the distinctive building. Concerning the building technology a prefabrication of the two lateral components has been chosen.

On two different weekends the two components have been pushed in by fluid technology.

21,20 m
4,70 m
35,60 m

Track 1730 Hannover - Braunschweig km 45,769 located at the outskirts of the village Vechelde

Frame bridge with inclined piers made out of reinforced concrete with prefabricated supports, 4-tracked

9,20 m – 14,0 m – 12,40 m

Activities Marx Krontal:
Planning of the analysis of variants, design and public tender (2007 – 2008) at DB ProjektBau GmbH