Gänsebach Valley Bridge

Initial Situation

The Gänsebach Valley Bridge is one of few railway bridges in which the integral structure for high speed railway traffic has been implemented for the first time. It is an integral prestressed concrete bridge with a double-girder tee-beam which is connected to the reinforced concrete piers monolithically without bearings and joints.

The requirements regarding design and execution of the building are very high. A metrological monitoring of the bridge construction is demanded by the Eisenbahnbundesamt (Federal Railway Authority) because of the low experience with this construction method.

 Despite its length of 1001 m and a distance of the block joints of 112 m the building will be erected without rail expansion joints. The additional rail tension resulting from the reaction of the building is in the threshold and has therefore to be acquired and evaluated with a long-term monitoring installed at the rails.


Goal of the metrological measuring is the detection of the deformation of the building and its parts in significant areas of the Gänsebach Valley Bridge. Long-term influences caused by temperature, creeping and shrinkage will be acquired by several monitoring systems. For the period of the starting operation additional dynamical short-term measurements at the building and the superstructure are scheduled to acquire and evaluate influences caused by train passages.


Since the beginning of the construction period monitoring has been carried out at the Gänsebach Valley Bridge. These measurements will be used for an overall evaluation of the deformation caused by e.g. creeping and shrinkage. Furthermore, measurements have been carried out to determine the characteristic frequency, the modular form and the damping in several states of construction. Thereby the influences of the components of the superstructure to the load bearing of the bridge construction will be acquired and compared with the static values set.

13,00 m
20,00 m
1,00 m

Integral valley bridge

Nearby Buttstädt on the route 5919 Erufrt - Leipzig/Halle (Saale) in km 223.394

Length of the sections:
52,5 m - 8 x 112 m - 52,5 m

Activities Marx Krontal:
Development and implementation of a monitoring concept, analysis and evaluation of the monitoring results

Ends in 2016