A Small but Appropriate and Honest Building in the City of Leipzig

Project Scenario

The railway bridge Friedrichshafner Straße is situated in the north of the center of Leipzig and transfers 3 railway tracks over the Friedrichshafner Straße downtown Leipzig. The surrounding environment is characterized by residential development and urban gardens.

The old building consisting of 3 superstructures made out of full-wall steel from 1905 did not meet the requirements of today’s passenger services and freight traffic anymore and had to be renovated. From the originally three tracks the building had to be enlarged to a perspective state with 4 tracks.

Realization and Conclusion

The building was erected as a tri-sectional frame bridge with relocated abutments. The traffic spaces under the bridge remained unaffected. The clearance underneath the building was enlarged by the relocated abutments so that a tunnel-like impression which multitrack-buildings often leave can be avoided.

The roadway was constructed as a sleek reinforced slab. The pillars and abutments are integrated monolithic in the slab and founded deeply on foundation piles. Despite of an impact-safe sizing it was possible to design the pillars relatively sleek because of the restraint. So now, underneath the building an open impression of the space appears.

Construction under Running Wheels

A great importance for the design of the building was the construction technology. The two parts of the bridge were built in different technologies. The southern part of the track Lpz Hbf – Eilenburg was built within a complete closure lasting several months. The northern part of the building had to be erected while operation of the two freight train tracks continued. The second track was transferred by a temporary bridge and embankments. Separately, all construction levels beginning by the demolition over producing the founding piles to the erection of the second part of the building had to be executed.

21,50 m
4,30 m
25,60 m

Leipzig-Mockau on the track 6360 Leipzig Hbf – Eilenburg in km 2,905

Tri-sectional reinforced concrete frame bridge

Activities Marx Krontal:
Planning, analysis of variants, outline, approval and public tender (2007 – 2009)