An Extraordinary Bridge for a Special Place.

Biese Bridge at the exit of the historical heritage-protected ‘Krumke Park’ has been built as an arch bridge and with high sleekness referring to the existing buildings.

The Biese Bridge is situated close to the exit south of the historical-heritage protected ‘Krumker Park’. The old Biese Bridge was a reinforced concrete arch bridge built in 1910. It led over a little river, the Biese between the villages Krumke and Zedau. Because of the visual axis from the park to the bridge and because of the sleekness and proportion the bridge possesses a special relevance for the park and the surrounding environment.

Because of its age and the related damages a restoration of the building wasn’t reasonable. Major design elements of the old bridge like a rhombic railing weren’t existing anymore since the 1960s.

Sleek arch shape

The solution developed for this site in its design vocabulary refers to the already existing landscape. A possibly sleek construction of reinforced concrete was chosen which fulfills all requirements of the todays building and which was erected with the same building material like the existing constructions.

Taking into account the flood control of the ‘Bieseaue’ it was necessary to lift the lower edge of the bridge for half a meter and to increase the width of the opening.

Because of this the building was designed in a sleek arch shape with a strong restraint at the abutments with crossbars and a deep foundation. The loadbearing effect corresponds with the one of a structural frame building with a rigid restraint at the abutment.

At the arch keystone the bridge has a thickness of 0,60 m which is an equivalent of L/D = 34.

Good Buildings are Environmental Friendly

The building integrates in the landscape very unspectacularly, fulfills the requirements to the flood control and refers to the old building and to the heritage-protected park next to it – less is more.

6,50 m
3,50 m
20,30 m

Arch bridge, reinforced concrete

At the park in Krumke

Activities Marx Krontal:
Design, analysis of variants, outline and approval of statics