First Railway Bridge as a Network Arch Bridge with Reinforced Concrete Roadway

In the past years several railway bridges were built as network arch bridges by the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB). This construction method is mainly characterized by an effective, economic and esthetic supporting structure. The railway bridge EÜ B6 in Halle/Saale leads as a one-tracked railroad section over the heavily frequented federal highway B6 to Leipzig.

Specific Application of Steel and Concrete

The building is at 22 gon extremely oblique-angled and had to be designed with a span of 79,0 m. This span is at the bottom limit for the use of network arches. To avoid compressive stress in the hangers the roadway construction has been designed as a loosely reinforced slab with an increased dead load. Besides the static advantages of the network arch the roadway impresses by low maintenance requirements concerning the corrosion protection and reduced acoustic emissions. The superstructure was built with vertical arch levels, a network consisting of 24 flat steel hangers and I-shaped stiffening girders.


In the course of the detail planning the hanger network couldn’t be optimized sufficiently. The analytically identified small compression forces in rare load combinations in some hangers led to the implementation of hangers without forces. Because of the change in the system the overall tonnage had to be increased and shear force couplings had to be implemented.

Perspectives for Network Arch Bridges

The use of network arch bridges for building railway bridges is an interesting alternative to the common iron tied arch bridges. Advantageous is mainly the high stiffness connected with considerably lower deformation, the efficient construction and the higher redundancy if a hanger fails. Currently the design and execution of network arch bridges has been suspended by the DB. In addition to that the DB runs studies concerning the structural and vibration behavior of the hangers as well as an evaluation comparing life cycle costs of framework bridges, network arch bridges and iron tied arch bridges.

8,00 m
13,00 m
79,00 m

Track 6351 Halle (S) Abzw At – Abzw Halle-Kanena EÜ crossing Leipziger Landstraße (B6) in km 0,915

Network arch bridge with reinforced concrete roadway, 1-tracked

Activities Marx Krontal:
Planning of the analysis of variants, design and public tender (2007 – 2008)

Price of Innovation of the DB ProjektBau GmbH 2010

Experiences with Network Arch Bridges in Railway Bridge Design Stahlbau 79 (2010), Heft 3