Our office deals with specific engineering achievements concerning object and structural design. The focus of our work lies in the design; beginning from the idea over the draft to the execution for Bridges and Engineering Structures, Structural Engineering, Railway Installations.

Engineering services

Engineering services

Engineering services are complex planning services at which we work interdisciplinarily with specialists, planning experts and architects. It is very important for us to participate actively from the draft phase to frame the overall structure. The goal of our engineering achievements is a detailed and high-quality design.

Structural Design

Structural Design

Our supporting structures are characterized by a logical, rational and reasonable force path. For this reason effective and efficient structures in every building task are possible. The assembly, dimensioning and the materials chosen for the parts of the supporting structures result from the task and is the key for successful building.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

The focal point of our work lies in planning and designing bridges. Our wide-ranging experience allows us to plan and design bridges of every type and in every construction method.

Particularly in the field of the integral valley bridges we possess a large scale of professional competence which we proved in planning several bridges for the Deutsche Bahn AG.


Evaluation of the Building Stock, Analysis, Monitoring

The evaluation, analysis and planning in the stock of bridges and buildings rank among the focal points of our work. Together with our partners we develop concepts for monitoring, long-time measurements and surveillance of the supporting structures over a long time period from a single source. Enclosed is the conception, preparation, installation of the measurement, data pooling as well as the evaluation for the purpose of statistic and dynamic calculation.

Building Construction

Building Construction

Based closely on the design we collaborate with architects in an interdisciplinary way. We understand this collaboration as a basic requirement for planning and realising good buildings.


In competitions we participate as jury-members and participants.

Participation as jury-member:

  • City Bridges Leipzig 2006
  • Brückenbaupreis 2008 and 2010
  • Engineering Competition Aurachtalbrücke 2010
  • Local traffic bridge to the Kienlesberg 2011



We combine practice with research. In a close exchange with notable universities we keep up to date with research topics relevant for our work.

Interview with Steffen Marx on "Planet Wissen" (in german):
Bridge safety and the limits of technology.

Selected publications

  • Die Scherkondetalbrücke, die erste semi-integrale Talbrücke der DB AG auf der Neubaustrecke Erfurt-Leipzig/
    Halle VDE 8.2; Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 105 (2010), Heft 3
  • Erfahrungen mit Netzwerkbogenbrücken im Eisenbahnbrückenbau; Stahlbau 70 (2009), Heft 11
  • Innovative Großbrücken im Eisenbahn- Hochgeschwindigkeitsverkehr am Beispiel der Neubaustrecke Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle; Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 104 (2009), Heft 11
  • Publikationen (Auswahl) "Leitfaden Gestalten von
    1. Auflage, Dezember 2008

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Further publications can be found here.