Marx & Krontal

Besides broad experience and a great competence we have unspent ideas and a highest possible demand on our work. The individual needs of our customers will be analyzed and the best solutions will be developed incorporating all the boundary conditions.

Concepts will be developed related closely to the project and individually for the customer having in mind criteria of techniques and project execution as well as economic efficiency and financial feasibility.

The tight bond between practice and research is the basis of our work and keeps our operating level up to date regarding technology and knowledge.

Our projects are characterized by substance and sustainability. A high demand regarding the technical and creative quality as well as an extensive amount of responsibility concerning the built environment is in the focal point of our activities.

Our 10 theses for good buildings are the guidelines of our work.

We appreciate the creative collaboration between architects and engineers and see this as a basic requirement for designing and building good structures.

Transparency, honesty and authenticity are the guidelines of our action.

In our daily work we rely on exchanging experiences and the fertile dialogue between our employees.